We are always looking for handmade costumes, costuming accessories, and costume making supplies to add to our marketplace. So give your costume another life. Save resources and money while making money and finding inspiration for your next costuming event. Because that amazing costume wasn’t made for the closet, and those extra supplies are only decorating your drawer. Put them all to use for others and for yourself.


What are we looking for?

Handmade costumes and costuming accessories. No mass produced or ready to wear items unless they have been altered or upcycled (embellished or transformed from their original state into something new). In limited quantities we also accept custom performance costumes such as those worn in a dance or theater production.


What are we looking for?

New or recycled costume making supplies. If items are new they do not have to be in original packaging. We accept surplus or leftover new supplies not in their original packaging. Recycled items must be in like new condition (no traces of glue or stitching, obvious wear, or visible damage).

Handmade, high quality, costly, vintage, and/or unusual supplies. We are looking for supplies that stand out for their visual appeal and craftsmanship as well as supplies that are typically expensive.


Great, let’s get started! There are 2 ways to sell with The New Orleans Costume Center: we offer cash for some items or we can consign your item(s) for you. First, fill out the form for your preferred sale method and then we will follow up.


Consign Product Form


Sell Product Form

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