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This dramatic Ostrich Feather Fan features a stunning array of SEVENTY SIX 20-24″ bright red Ostrich Femina feathers. Femina feathers are the largest ostrich feathers with ultra long flowing plumules. The Femina on this Ostrich Feather Fan have been dyed an intense fire engine red. The fan base is made of 19 clear acrylic hand cut staves that measure 18″ long. The staves are riveted at the ends. This is a previously owned piece acquired from the collection of Mike Moreau aka Opal Masters, a legendary New Orleans costume maker and founder and Royalty of the Krewe of Amon-Ra, one of Nola’s oldest gay Carnival Krewes. The feathers were attached to the fan staves with glue which is still holding, but not well. Five of the feathers have come unglued from the staves (but will be included in purchase and are part of the total number of feathers). The feathers that remain glued should not be expected to hold. The glue is too old. It is easy to gently remove the feathers, and that would be the recommended thing to do to restore this beauty to her full glory. You will want to take them all off and start over. The glue seems to pull away from the acrylic staves easily without leaving significant residue behind. The glue can also be removed from the quill and feather shaft, but you should expect some damage from that process. How much will depend on how carefully you work on the removal. These are hearty feathers with sturdy quills and shafts, so they are not as fragile as with smaller Ostrich Drab feathers. The acrylic staves are in good condition other than the glue, but you will need to reattach a few of them that have come loose from the ribbon that connects the upper part of the staves. There is also a hole midway up the staves that could be used for connecting the staves and maintaining the fan shape when opened. The front and back of the fan guards (top and bottom staves) have been rhinestoned, and almost all are still holding tight, but a few have come off. They are clear glass crystals. The fan measures 37″ from center top to bottom and 65″ from its widest points on either side. The width of the fan is variable, however, because all you have to do to make it wider is to remove the connecting ribbon on the staves. When removed this fan could be crafted to expand to a full circle if desired. This fan needs some TLC to bring it back to a functional state, but the bones and materials for doing that are all there. The feathers alone cost more than the asking price, and the base of the fan is a one of a kind creation. It is an investment piece with an historically significant lineage of previous ownership. The color is bold and the feathers are mesmerizing. Please contact us with additional questions or to request an in-person or on-line viewing.

Please note: This product will require special shipping to make it to you in pristine condition. If you’re local, we can hand deliver it to you. If you’re out of town, we’ll follow up after your order with a custom shipping quote.

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