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A show stopping headpiece! Be prepared to turn heads in this incredibly detailed work of wearable art. The wooden sword extends 26″ from the bottom edge of the base in the front and the “wings” of swirls extend 16 1/2″ on either side from the face. Hand constructed. The swirls are hand cut and gracefully layers over “spokes” that radiate in huge half circles on each side. Spokes are covered in silver sequin and metallic threaded trim. Sword is completely covered in front by silver sequins. All swirls are covered in ribbed dark teal satin and outlined in silver sequins. Sky blue square gemstones decorate the swirls. A thin double row of rhinestones connects the two sides in front. More large rhinestones are placed on the sword handle. Back is covered in a silver and white metallic patterned fabric. Looks great from front and back. Interior is covered in black felt for comfort and this piece is adjustable for optimal sizing and security on the head. Surprisingly light. Originally made to accompany the Excalibur gown and ensemble, but this piece lends itself to many different characters and styles of costumes. If you want to render your onlookers speechless, just show up branding this sword.

Please note: This product will require special shipping to make it to you in pristine condition. If you’re local, we can hand deliver it to you. If you’re out of town, we’ll follow up after your order with a custom shipping quote.

Condition Previously Owned. Like New. This headpiece has been upcycled.
Materials Ribbed satin fabric, rhinestones, sequins, trim, cardboard, embossed satin, wood.
Size Notes Interior circumference 19 1/2- 20 1/2".
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