Bad Ass Boots

Bad Ass Boots


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Step out in these Bad Ass boots and conquer the night. The boots are actually Men’s size 10 1/2 sneakers that have been covered in a reptile skin vinyl boot cover. Boot covers velcro together in the back of the boot, but are also firmly glued to the shoe (so they aren’t removovable without destryoing the shoe). The vinyl is spray painted gold around the bottom and then fades into the brown color of the replit looking skin. Soft coppery metallic fabric is stuffed and provides cushion around the top of the boots. The front of each boot is decorated in an elaborate design of sequins and rhinestones. The detail work in these boots is stunning. Individually placed silver sequins and rhinestones create a dazzling screen of sparkle that is offset by rows of sequins and rhinestone trim. Sequins and rhinestones trim the back of teh boots as well. With these boots you don’t need to wear much else. Your legs will be the star of the show. Pair them with an amazing costume and be ready to take some pictures. A worthy investment for a costume accessory that will serve you for years. Go ahead, be that guy in the bad ass boots.

Condition Previously Owned, Excellent.
Size Notes Mens 10 1/2. Boots are 23 1/2" tall (toe to top). Circumference of boot opening at top is 19".
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