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In New Orleans costuming is a way of life. Down here our costumes are true works of art often painstakingly crafted and lavishly adorned. We put our heart and our soul into our costumes, and The New Orleans Costume Center wants to bring this passion to you.

costume-center-who-we-areWho We Are: The End of Costume Envy

The New Orleans Costume Center is a resource for costumers of all kinds. We specialize in the sale of new and previously owned handmade costumes as well as unique new, surplus, and recycled costume making supplies. Our shop offers anyone the opportunity to buy and sell handmade costumes, costume accessories, and supplies. We also make it easy to find and hire a local designer for custom costumes and projects through our Costume Designers Guild.

Our Obsession: Everything Handmade

costume-center-our-obsession“Out of the Mind, Not Off the Rack” is our motto because we believe that the best costumes are wearable pieces of art that reflect imagination. Why buy a cheap common costume when you can find something totally one of a kind? We want to be your go-to resource for finding and creating handmade costumes that stand out for their originality and that make any performance, parade, or event memorable.

costume-center-our-missionOur Mission: Saving Resources, Supporting Local Artists, Promoting the Culture of Costuming

We aim to make costuming more environmentally friendly by providing a place where costumes and supplies can be reused. Recycling costumes saves you money, conserves resources, and helps to keep the life cycle of a fabulous costume alive. Using salvaged and surplus supplies reduces waste and the cost of a costume. We support the greening of costuming and make it easy for you to as well.

Making your own costume is a sacred ritual for many in New Orleans, but not everyone has the time, vision, or ability to create a fabulous handmade costume. Why not let a local designer do the work for you? We give local designers a platform to advertise themselves and their services so that you can find the right person for whatever costume needs you have. See how putting a local artist to work can make your life easier and your costume better.

We are committed to our love of costuming, the people who make and wear costumes, and the city that feeds our obsession. Our marketplace, Designer’s Guild, costuming calendar, and blog are devoted to promoting the culture of costuming not only for New Orleans, but for the world. We love what we do and hope we can help you find your inspiration.

Happy Costuming!

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