Guild Membership Information

The New Orleans Costume Center Costume Designer’s Guild is a collective for New Orleans based costume makers and outfitters who want to sell items regularly and be a featured part of The New Orleans Costume Center. If you have items to sell and you are not a costume maker or outfitter seeking to expand your business opportunities, then contact us about selling your items for cash or to consign without joining the Guild. See the “Sell” link on Homepage. If you are looking to grow your business, sell more costumes and/or supplies, and connect with other local costume artists, please read through the following membership terms to learn more about the Guild and how to join. Feel free to email any questions or come see us at the store at 2716 Royal St.

Member Requirements:

  1. Membership Dues: $100 yearly. This fee is non-refundable and must be paid in full at time of joining Guild.
  2. Must be able to maintain item “mandatory” inventory drop off deadlines for Halloween, Mardi Gras, and Spring/Summer. These are the three times yearly that Guild members agree to have items ready for consignment with NOCC. Members can also consign items in between the deadlines, but it is not mandatory. See “optional inventory drop off” times. 
  3. W9 tax form filled out at time of joining
  4. 3 month consignment period. During this time any items consigned with NOCC may not be removed. At the end of the first 3 month period, you may reconsign items for an additional 3 months. After 6 months any unsold items must be picked up within 30 days or the item becomes the property of the NOCC.
  5. For all handmade items: provide an inventory list with item name, price, materials used, and brief description. This has to be done online (link will be provided to a Google Form) before NOCC will accept any consignments.
  6. Provide NOCC with the following: business cards, logo/business image for use on profile page and store display (in jpg format), digital portfolio images (in jpg format), brief bio for profile page, list of specialities for profile page and store display, contact info for profile page. A link to a Google Form will be provided for this information.
  7. Provide access to your business social media feed (when one is available) and agree to allow NOCC to repost content from your feed.

Membership Services (provided to member by the NOCC):

  1. 25% commission on all consigned items delivered by mandatory and optional deadlines (listed below). Regular consignors pay a 40% commission. All items not delivered by the deadlines will be charged a 40% commission regardless of Guild Membership.
  2. No inventory processing fee for consigned items that require sorting and packaging. Packaging, when necessary, and price tags provided.
  3. Guaranteed space for display and sale of all approved* consigned items in NOCC store. *Handmade items must meet NOCC quality standards. There is no guaranteed space for supplies and second hand items.
  4. Listing and sale on NOCC website of all consigned items delivered by mandatory and optional deadlines.
  5. Individual profile page on NOCC website with digital portfolio, contact information, and links to items for sale on NOCC website.
  6. 10% off all NOCC owned merchandise. Discount available in store only.
  7. Display of business cards, logo, and specialities in NOCC store.
  8. Promotion via NOCC email newsletters and social media feeds.
  9. Monthly Sales report emailed at the beginning (within 7 days) of the following month.
  10. Monthly payout checks mailed at the beginning (within 7 days) of the following month.
  11. Priority consideration for custom project opportunities.
  12. OPTIONAL: Invitation to join the Closed Facebook NOCC Guild Member Page.

Sept 2018- August 2019 Inventory Drop Off Deadlines

Sept 9: Halloween Inventory Due 

November 1-7: Optional Inventory Drop Off. November is millinery month so racetrack ready hats are perfect for this time of year, also holiday costume items.

December 1-7: Optional Inventory Drop Off: Holiday costume items and/or early Mardi Gras stuff.

Jan1-6: Mardi Gras Inventory Due

February 1-7: Optional Inventory Drop Off: Mardi Gras, Valentines, St. Patty’s Day

March 25: Spring/Summer Inventory Due. Easter, spring hats, floral crowns, festware

May 1-7: Optional Inventory Drop Off: summer flair, fest ware

June 1-7: Optional Inventory Drop Off: anything you want included on our end of season blow out sale held at the end of June


mid August: Reopen


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