Maria Etkind


headpieces, millinery, theatrical productions, bridal, beadwork, flowers


Maria Etkind is a graphic designer, fine artist, and milliner. Her 15 year career in a graphic design and web design was spent living New Orleans, Louisiana. She owns a freelance graphic design studio. In 2014 she moved from New Orleans to The Hague, Netherlands. Maria did not discover the art of millinery until moving to The Hague. She took a course in hat making and a new passion for hats was born. On Dec. 2017 she moved back to New Orleans, Louisiana to pursue millinery and graphic design. She is also the creative director and co-editor for the the Dutch magazine Hatlines published for members by the Dutch Hat Association. Her eye for design, color, beading and embroidery details show in her millinery work. Maria currently creates custom made hats to order

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