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Niki Frisky’s Costume Closet Make Over

by Shel Roumillat

Let me start by explaining something for the out of towner. A costume closet is a quintessential part of every New Orleans costume lover’s household. This is because most costume lovers are hoarders. Maybe not on the level of needing reality TV intervention, but we like to hang onto our costumes because “you never know.” Read More >

Gifts for the Crafty Costume Lover

by Shel Roumillat

It’s that time of year when most people in New Orleans are scurrying around for gifts and feverishly working on their Mardi Gras costumes. What? You haven’t started on your costume yet because you can’t even believe it is already the holiday season and the thought of Mardi Gras is just too much to take Read More >

Easy Hardware Store Horns

by Shel Roumillat

Does Halloween make you horny? Then you are in luck. With this easy DIY project you can make practically any kind of horn. In our video and blog we show you how to make unicorn and devil horns, but once you have wired your foam you can bend it into any shape you want. We Read More >

Costume Talk with The Paralian

by Shel Roumillat

We are excited to launch a new regular feature of our blog called Costume Talk, where we get really serious with local designers and costume enthusiasts about the obsession that fuels us and the crazy costume culture of New Orleans. We will probe the inner depths of costuming in search of the true meaning of Read More >

Top Ten Carnival Costume “Problems”

by Shel Roumillat

Ash Wednesday Apathy. The feeling that comes over you when you wake up and confront the wreckage of your costuming escapades. The contents of your costume closet are strewn all over the house. There are wigs scattered all over the floors from where you ripped them off the minute you got home. Your hot glue gun Read More >

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